Our environmental and social responsibility


The Crystalex CZ, s.r.o. strategy  is based on the economical and environmentally friendly use of resources and responsible behaviour. Whether it is the energy consumption, cleanliness and safety of the materials we work with or the life quality of our employees and the region, our work always involves the least possible burden on the environment.



  • Our glass is one of the most eco-friendly melted glasses ever.
  • We use a fully electrical method of heating the melting unit and inlet channels. In addition, the melting units emit minimal noise, dust and heat, thus burdening the environment as little as possible.
  • Our all-electric melting system produces no pollutants.
  • We use advanced software tools to extend the life of our production facilities and optimise production.
  • We use melting furnaces of our own design, which we continuously upgrade and optimise for the cleanest possible operation in line with our environmental policy and applicable directives. For example, in 2022 the company managed to reduce the absolute consumption of natural by more than 30% while maintaining the same production volume. 


  • 76.5% of raw materials come from our region or nearby. This ensures short transport routes, which also applies for the delivery of common spare parts, packaging materials and other services.
  • All our packaging is recyclable and its production comprises a recycled content of 94%. The packaging material is additionally always fully compliant with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) requirements.
  • We return our internal cullet from the production process to the glass charge to the maximum extent possible, approximately 90%.
  • Under the Bohemia Crystal brand we sell our own products comprising glass that contains no heavy metals sourced from health-safe raw materials. This allows us to fully recycle the glass.



  • The electrical units, including auxiliary equipment, are cooled by water from an open circuit, where the water is subsequently cleaned, cooled and returned to the cycle.
  • The production area is supplied with drinking water from our own sources.
  • We continuously improve our material and energy management: for example, our operations utilise residual waste heat from the production units and warm water from the melting units and central compressor station, which we then use to preheat hot water for further use.
  • We are additionally designing circulation loops to cool the moulding tools and electrical distributors. In general, we want to increasingly return more pumped water for further use and, in the future, we plan to make use of the subsidy programmes of the Czech Ministry of the Environment to further improve our water management.



  • In the corporate social policy domain we address a wide range of topics. We are a member of SEDEX and regularly audit our company against SMETA standards; we undergo a number of supplier audits in social policy.
  • Crystalex CZ has established a code of ethics based on the principles of equal access to and respect for all employees, zero tolerance of any form of abuse, the right to privacy and the protection of the dignity and health of employees.
  • We support the professional and personal development of our employees and uphold business ethics in accordance with the legislation and standards to which we are committed.
  • Aware of our existence in the context of the region and its people, we actively support regional cultural and social life and help those in need.
Crystalex CZ maintains EU ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification, which relate to quality, environment and occupational safety standards. Our goal is to further obtain ISO 50001 certification in the near future.

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