Czech art has a long tradition, and we’ve brought it to life in this brand new collection of champagne glasses. Crystalex by Mucha is an exclusively licensed collection which has been graced with the signature of artist Alfons Mucha, embodying his unique style – graceful and elegant, Mucha’s art has become iconic of the Art Nouveau as a whole. The collection draws on the artist’s classic works while incorporating contemporary design. This is a collection whose perfection consists in the details, and it is perfect for all lovers of classical beauty.

Mucha by Crystalex - Reverie

These matte, sprayed vases were inspired by the Rêverie artwork made by world-renowned painter Alfons Mucha. The cutting technique reproduces the soft yet expressive ornamentation taken from the legendary work, transporting you to a world of dreams, reverie and miracle. We invite you to enjoy it in four color variations which perfectly evoke the shades and hues of the original canvases.

Mucha by Crystalex - Moon

The exclusive Moon collection interprets Alfons Muchas famous artwork with new-found harmony. Its magic lies in the motif of a coy woman surrounded by stars and the moon rising behind her. The collection features a vase, a bowl and wine glasses, and is sprayed with a combination of yellow and blue, evoking the soft transition between a stark day and a dreamy night.

Madame Karolinka

History lives on. In our hearts and now also in the Bella glasses of the Madam Karolinka collection, adorned with an engraving commemorating the famous Karolinka manufacturing plant, where this classic, one-hundred-year-old “grilloche” décor was first produced. Raise your glasses in toast to this legendary pantograph technique.

Mucha by Crystalex - Coupe

Luxurious, elegant, meticulously produced and exceptional in every detail. Such is the exclusive champagne glassware Crystalex by Mucha, inspired by the Art Nouveau works of Alfons Mucha. The unique design consists of a combination of a fine gold finish combined with black, pink or white matte colors for harmonious contrast. The final touches are provided by the etched decorations in the style of the master himself. The two-piece set comes gift-wrapped with a card, making it the perfect gift.

Mucha by Crystalex - Champagne Flute

Pristine glass and natural motifs fit perfectly with the timeless beauty of Art Nouveau, as in this exclusive collection of champagne glassware, decorated in the style of legendary artist Alfons Mucha. The unique set is screen printed, and furthermore adorned with the master’s own signature, showing the elegant magic, softness and luxury of his art. The four-piece set is gift-wrapped along with a card, making it the perfect gift.