The Home collection includes drinkware, vases, decanters and bowls which furnish any space with a smooth, simple beauty. Items from the Home series can be combined in a number of ways and will look picture perfect on any festive occasion.

Serious Gentleman

A serious gentleman doesn’t always drink, but when he does, he has particular taste – shaken, not stirred; on the rock rocks or with soda for a proper punch. But let us tell you, he’s going to love the Serious Gentleman glassware collection with glasses for whiskey and cognac. In their traditional and refined cut, these glasses will open a new chapter for any person of taste.


The Peony collection is like a little glass garden. The cup’s rounded design is reminiscent of a sweet peony blossom, its poetic noblesse accented by the thin stalk on which it rests. Plus this patch of magical flowers is abundant and diverse – the edition features glasses for sparkling wine, still wine, beer, and also non-alcoholic beverages.

Magnolia NEW

The set was inspired by the classical Diana design which Crystalex has been making to great acclaim since 1979, but Magnolie is furthermore made by means of the modern technique of ironing the cup onto the glass stem. The subtle design and fine craftsmanship makes each beverage bloom like a magnolia blossom in spring breeze.

Pralines - NEW

PRALINE - The new Praline collection was inspired by the aesthetics of a freshly opened box of chocolates, and we offer this delectable drinkware in seven forms, so that you can choose the right one for you. These mini glasses are named and based on the latest trends in cocktail development: Champagne Bowl, Prosecco, Mini Spirits, Glass and Liqueur, with Martini Espresso and Coupe.

Modern collection

The production of these unique stemmed glasses is made possible by modern technology which greatly adds to their brilliance and resilience to impact. This ensures that the classic shapes and materials of the Home drinkware collection resonate together and provide the perfect backdrop to any gathering of family or friends.

Water set

Water can be more precious than gold, and we chose to reflect this in our new series of water sets, made to give this precious element its deserved elegance. Furthermore, we hope to encourage the use of reusable drinking utensils for a more sustainable future for all of us.



Add a touch of elegance to classic stemless Sandra collection drinkware. Following the newest trends in serving wine, sparkling beverages or beer, this collection offers a streamlined, chic aesthetic. Glasses will not spill as easily even amid the hustle and bustle of a raucous get-together, and they can be easily washed in a dishwasher and stored in just about any cupboard.

Carafes and Jugs

Carafes and jugs from the Home collection look great with any other glasses from this popular series. Each of these unique items is however an artistic object in its own right, and we offer both traditional and modern shapes which can be adorned in many ways.

Carafes and Jugs


Sometimes less is more, and beauty always consists in simplicity. Crystalex vases give any flower or bouquet the perfect place to shine.


Our selection of tumblers will please anyone who enjoys drinking fine beverages from fine glass. Our series include Ideal, Barline, Club and Gina, but Crystalex never stops innovating, and so we can now offer our customers many brand-new series – like Tulipa, Xtra and Giselle – alongside classic Amoroso and Sandra sets. These can all be matched with their stemmed drinkware counterparts for a perfectly harmonized table setting.