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Crystalex's production also includes vases, jugs, or very popular carafes / decanters. Vases are a very popular product for subsequent decoration.


Most commonly, carafes are used for aeration of especially rather young wines. By pouring wine into a carafe, larger surface is created that accelerates oxygenation of wine. According to diverse opinions, young wine should be poured 0.5 to 2 hours prior to being served. Pouring is appropriate also for some white wines. Besides to young wines, also pouring of robust and brawny wines into a carafe is advisable. Decanting carafes are used also for clarification of older, tannic wines.




In our collection "For Your Home" you can find modern vases, up to 35 cm high, or also vases with classical shapes. There are also many decoration techniques for making the vase unique. In our product range you can find also bowl vases, perfectly fit for many kinds of arrangements - floating flowers, sand, stones, dry arrangements, many kinds of candles, etc.





There are also many kinds of jugs in our collection. Our range offers modern shapes or classic as well.



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