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Crystalex participation at HOST 2017 fair

During October 20 – 24, 2017, an international trade fair HOST 2017 was held in Milan, Italy, attended by world leading manufacturers and distributors of the HoReCa industry (hotels-restaurants-catering).

By its second attendance, Crystalex proved its aspiration to become a major global player at the HoReCa segment internationally. The company from Nový Bor, Czech Republic, has sent a clear signal to the world, showing its ambition to become a respected glass producer not only for the households that have taken its glass for years, but also for hoteliers throughout the world. The glass company has invested fairly big money in new production technologies and it constantly looks for ways to improve its products. Nowadays, we can really say that quality of Crystalex articles compares to world elite. This was also confirmed in dealing with customers who have shown great interest in Horeca products.


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