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History and present


Crystalex CZ, s. r. o. is the direct continuator of the very best traditions of Czech glassmaking. Being the major domestic producer of drinking glass, it also ranks with the leading world producers of this branch. Our objective is to enable our demanding customers to enjoy the exquisite and uniquely harmonious experience of senses every time they drink.

90 % of our production heads successfully abroad, to 70 countries. Our most important consumers are the countries of European Union, Russia, Ukraine, and also the increasingly demanding clientele of other countries of the former Soviet Union. We accomplish significant sales at the markets of North and South America, and in a number of countries of Africa and Asia, too. The world famous trade marks Bohemia Crystal and Bohemia Glass throw us the way open successfully.



Glassmaking in the Czech Republic has a much longer history than in most other countries. The unmatched
quality stems from the standard of craftsmanship, which has been developed and cultivated here
for centuries, and also from the calibre of available glass sands in the richness of the Bohemian for ests.
Bohemian glass families have significantly influenced both European technological development and artistic
styles since the 17th century.

In the regions of Lusatian and Jizera Mountains, Giant Mountains, and Bohemian Forest, glassworks were established since the very second half of the 13th and first half of the 14th centuries. Their products made of practically limpid potash-lime glass always ranged themselves to sought-after articles of respected quality.
The glassmaking in the area of Nový Bor, and the abilities of local glassmakers and decorators became a legend. In the 18th and 19th centuries, almost all the trade with Bohemian glass had gradually concentrated just in this locality. Besides this centre, also new Moravian glassworks were originated. The mature tradition of native glassmaking was then raised to a respectable industrial and trade level.

Joining 55 smaller workshops, a national enterprise Borocrystal was created in 1945. In 1953, it expanded and changed into the state branch enterprise Borské sklo. A significant step was joining several workshops in generously built premises in Nový Bor in 1967. In 1974, this enterprise received the new name Crystalex that is derived from the term “Bohemia Crystal Glass”. This glass, in every aspect, offers incomparably better utility and aesthetic characteristics than the other glasses. It is more gleaming, more limpid, and more
resistant as well.

The present owner who bought the plant in Nový Bor and also the Moravian plant in Karolinka in 2009, aimed his investments to continue the image of Czech glass and created a prosperous company in Nový Bor, which is a significant regional employer, too. Furthemore, contemporary name of the company Crystalex CZ follows themarket-tested tradition and quality. 

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