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Drinking glass can be divided into two basic groups - stemwares and tumblers. Not everyone knows exactly what these terms mean and what is the difference between these groups.

In this article we are going describe stemwares.


Crystalex has classical types of stemwares: 

   Claudia       Angela       Victoria       Elisabeth       gra   
Claudia Angela Victoria Elisabeth Grace


It has also modern collections:

   Viola       Sandra       Turbulence       Kate       Amoroso   
Viola Sandra Turbulence Kate Amoroso


Totally we have about 30 various collections. 


Any piece of stemware consists of three main parts: bowl, stem, and foot. These three parts can reach manifold forms and sizes. There is a countless wealth of shapes and combinations, from simple to sophisticated ones, from romantic to modern ones.


Basic stemware types

WINE GLASS (goblet) – a versatile shape, being used both for white and red wines. The specific use is based on the volume of each glass. The more open the glass is, the more it contributes development of aromatic substances; therefore, such glasses are used for flavor wines.

As for suitable sizes of glasses, minor volumes between 150 to 250 ml (5.07 to 8.45 oz) are recommended for sweet white wines. The volumes between 150 to 400 ml (5.07 to 13.52 oz) are recommended for dry white wines. As for the burgundy type white wines, the volume can vary from 250 to 500 ml (8.45 to 16.90 oz). Smaller size of the bowl (in comparison with other glasses) helps to keep low temperature for longer time. For the red wine glasses, the rule of rather large glasses with wider mouths prevails. The bigger surface enables to achieve easier oxygenation, which is important by red wines in particular. Following the sort and type of wine, glass for red wine should range from 350 to 500 ml (11.83 to 16.90 oz) and more.



BURGUNDY - this specific form of glass is used for the red burgundy type wines principally. Its shape and bigger surface enabling the access of air makes it ideal for these great wines. Its volume should amount to 500 ml (16.90 oz) and more.

Sandra 570 ml - burgundy Vintage 570 ml - burgundy  

BRANDY – the outstanding feature of brandy glass is rather short stem. The correct way how to catch this glass, is to hold the bowl in hand. Thereby, the drink is warmed. As for the volume of glasses, it is variable. Mostly, it approximates 400 ml (13.52 oz).

Lara 400 ml Victoria 380 ml  

FLUTE - this type of glass is used for serving sparkling wines. Its slender body enables the wine sparkling to come to the fore. Its narrow mouth contributes to cumulate aromatic substances. Generally, the size of flutes varies from 150 to 220 ml (5.07 to 7.44 oz).

Viola 190 ml - flute Gloria 220 ml - flute Elisabeth 200 ml - flute


Claudia Claudia
Angela Angela
Victoria Victoria
Elisabeth Elisabeth
Grace Grace
Viola Viola
Sandra Sandra
Turbulence Turbulence
Kate Kate
Amoroso Amoroso
Turbulence Turbulence
Grace Grace
Rebecca Rebecca
Waterfall Waterfall
Claudia Claudia

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