AMBIENTE 2019 AMBIENTE 2019 15. 02. 2019     Ambiente Fair 8th - 12th February, 2019 - Frankfurt am Main zjistit více AMBIENTE 2019 AMBIENTE 2019 18. 01. 2019      zjistit více IGS - PHOTOGALLERY IGS - PHOTOGALLERY 11. 10. 2018     IGS - INTERNATIONAL GLASS SYMPOSIUM 4. - 7. 10. 2018 Artists in Crystalex: Lukáš Kalivoda (CZ), Jeffrey Sarmiento (U.S.A.), Aleksandra Stencl (PL), Vanda Mocová (CZ), Markéta Lukavcová (CZ) Open house in Crystalex 6. 10. 2018 zjistit více Household Moskva 2018 Household Moskva 2018 24. 09. 2018     The Crystalex products were presented at HOUSEHOLD on September 11 - 13, 2018 in Moscow. zjistit více XIII. International Glass Symposium XIII. International Glass Symposium 13. 08. 2018     XIII. International Glass Symposium The International Glass Symposium, which has been an essential part of the past 30 years of Nový Bor history, is once again almost here. From 4th to 7th October, the town of Nový Bor will once again welcome glassmakers from the Czech Republic and abroad at the International Glass Symposium IGS 2018. In four days, they will bring their ideas to life together at glassworks and refining workshops. The official symposium website will bring updated information on regular basis. The official town website and facebook will also inform about the course of events. zjistit více AMBIENTE 2018 - Presentation AMBIENTE 2018 - Presentation 23. 02. 2018       zjistit více AMBIENTE 2018 - photogalery AMBIENTE 2018 - photogalery 23. 02. 2018     Ambiente Fair 9th - 13th February, 2018 - Frankfurt am Main zjistit více PF 2018 PF 2018 21. 12. 2017         zjistit více NEW unique test on TV Nova NEW unique test on TV Nova 01. 12. 2017         In September 2017 during unique test Crystalex CZ proved, how many kilograms can „the ordinary tumbler“ Barline 410 withstand. We had decided to create three reports. Firstly we placed 1.6-ton passenger car on four tumblers. And the tumblers resisted it without problems. Then we placed on four tumblers a shipping container weighing 2.2 tons, with even 69 persons entering it comfortably; the tumblers survived it, bearing totally more than 7 tons.   And what bigger, or, better to say, more attractive could we place on tumblers? Perhaps a plane? Unlike providing a passenger car or a shipping container, getting the airplane, of course, was more complicated. However, we succeeded and the trial could continue, this time at the Prague Aviation Museum in Prague - Kbely, where they lent us the strike aircraft L159_ALCA for our test. Three tumblers held the plane! You can watch a whole report on in a movie above. At the end, we would like to thank not only all our employees who took part in these tests, but also to: TV Nova team, Prague Aviation Museum Kbely, car dealer – the company SAN PLUS, Česká Lípa, and the laboratory IKATES, branch office Teplice. zjistit více Crystalex participation at HOST 2017 fair Crystalex participation at HOST 2017 fair 06. 11. 2017     During October 20 – 24, 2017, an international trade fair HOST 2017 was held in Milan, Italy, attended by world leading manufacturers and distributors of the HoReCa industry (hotels-restaurants-catering). By its second attendance, Crystalex proved its aspiration to become a major global player at the HoReCa segment internationally. The company from Nový Bor, Czech Republic, has sent a clear signal to the world, showing its ambition to become a respected glass producer not only for the households that have taken its glass for years, but also for hoteliers throughout the world. The glass company has invested fairly big money in new production technologies and it constantly looks for ways to improve its products. Nowadays, we can really say that quality of Crystalex articles compares to world elite. This was also confirmed in dealing with customers who have shown great interest in Horeca products. zjistit více A unique test on TV A unique test on TV 13. 10. 2017     The most watched Czech television station TV NOVA were shooting at Crystalex at the end of September. They were attracted by the outstanding characteristic‘s of our glass – specifically exceptional resistance of the tumbler range Barline 410ml. Therefore they were put to an absolutely unique test. A car and then a 20ft container with 69 people inside were put on those tumblers and then at the end there was a test performed at a laboratory where viewers could learn of the true maximum resistance of the tumblers. The result was really astonishing. Are you interested in knowing how it came out?   zjistit více CRYSTALEX CELEBRATES THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF ITS EXISTENCE! CRYSTALEX CELEBRATES THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF ITS EXISTENCE! 31. 08. 2017     In October 2017, Crystalex celebrates the 50th anniversary of its modern existence. On October 28, 1967, a ceremony was held opening a vast production facility built on a greenfield site in suburbs of Nový Bor. Large part of glassmaking workshops of the then company Borocrystal was relocated to the premises in several stages. Thus, a new giant came into existence, with several thousand employees, the largest company all over the region. In addition to the construction of a brand new production plant, the town of Nový Bor itself also achieved a huge development. Hundreds of flats, nursery schools, and sports fields have risen there. The glass industry in the area of Nový Bor, Northern Bohemia has tradition dating back to the 14th century. A huge boom of local companies had arisen since the 18th century, together with export orientation. Nový Bor has been (and it stays to be) a glass town, where dozens of glass factories, glass manufactories, and glass dealers have worked both in the town and in its neighbourhood. After World War II, most of the industry – including glassworks – was put under state control. Therefore, since 1947 the Borocrystal national enterprise had been operating in the region, joining together a number of previously independent glass workshops. In 1965, the construction of today’s Crystalex premises begun. The factory was completed in record-breaking time and it was inaugurated in autumn 1967, as stated above. In the 1960s, Crystalex focused on traditional hand-made production. In 1972, the first automatic production line was launched; in the course of years, also others were added. In the 1980s, machine production prevailed, nevertheless, off-hand production and hand-made decorations remained as significant segments of manufacturing. After so called Velvet revolution in 1989, the process of division of former large complexes and privatisation of former state-owned companies took place in Czechoslovakia. During 1997, also Crystalex was privatized. The major companies in the utility glass business were then concentrated in Bohemia Crystalex Trading (BCT) group. In the BCT group were following glassworks: Crystalex in Nový Bor, Sklo Bohemia at Světlá, Kavalier at Sázava, and Sklárny Bohemia in Poděbrady. In 2008, the whole group was hardly hit by the global financial crisis, it went through a purgatory process and its individual companies were acquired by new owners. New owners entered on Crystalex in September 2009 and this was the beginning of new era - Crystalex CZ newly.  In 2010, its turnover exceeded CZK 0.5 billion (EUR 20 million) already, and it continued to grow dynamically in all subsequent years. In 2013, third melting furnace and new production lines were launched, including the L7 production line for big articles manufacturing. In 2015, Crystalex turnover exceeded CZK 1 billion (EUR 40 million). Crystalex has definitely re-entered the domain of major European manufacturers.     AUTOMATIC PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT 1972 – 2009 period Let’s take a more detailed look on the development of automatic machine production in Crystalex. In 1972, the first automatic production line (“LINKUŽ”) was launched successfully in glassworks, producing tumblers and stemware glass. The very first automatic suite was the Elizabeth line (1972), but the first to be really known and successful has been the Claudia set (1974), which is successful until now.   Step by step, dozens of production lines came into existence – most commonly bearing female names. Let’s name here not only Claudia but several other stemware glass suites designed before 2000 and produced up till now: Diana, Natalie, Lara (1997), Maxima, or Vintage (2000).  This period also brought in popular tumbler lines: Ideal (1977), Gina (1980), Barline (1995), and Fleur (2000).          A vast number of other suites came into being, of course – e.g. Nancy, Romy, Brigitta, Natalie, Isabelle, Anna, Carmen, Olivia, Janet (or Domenica, if you know this name), Francesca, Maxima, or Julia etc. The crucial moment was the launch of large articles production line in 1991, expanding the assortment range with vases, bowls, and decanting carafes. Crystalex entered the new millennium with another very successful line Angela (2000/2001). Other significant suites from the period of 2001 - 2008 were Ultima, Club (2004), or Vicenza (2005) for instance; among the others were e.g. Vivien, Sarah, Lucy, Charlotta, Monica, or Bastia.   2010 - 2017 period With the new owners (since 2009), a significant innovation wave comes that is also associated with technological progress, especially the technology of wiping. The first sets opening the new era were: Victoria, Sandra, and Viola.  These new lines were officially introduced at the Ambiente Frankfurt Fair in February 2011. Victoria enhanced the range of suites with shaped stem and it started to be sold instantly in large quantities both in plain design and in different decorations, being mostly decorated with the technique of pantograph etching. Sandra and Viola were the first “wiped” suites – i.e. glasses that look more gracefully due to wiped joints of goblet and stem. In the coming years, this very segment has become the most dynamically developing group of articles.   During the years 2012 to 2017, a number of new lines were introduced; only the most important ones are listed below. In 2012, they were the plain line Giselle, and a suite with courtly shaped stem, Elisabeth. In 2013, series Turbulence, Jive, and Lilly were introduced. The purely unique of these sets is the Turbulence set with a specially shaped plastic wave allowing better oxidation of wine without decantation; moreover, these glasses look great, too – so Turbulence has immediately joined the main productive lines.   Amoroso, Grandioso, and Waterfall were prepared for 2014. An important milestone was the re-launch of the line for large articles in 2013; so there are also new shapes of vases and decanting carafes in 2014 and following collections, in addition to traditional assortment range.   Novelties for 2015 were the Kate a Rebecca sets with wiped stems, as well as the historicist suite Grace with shaped stem. Grace immediately ranked to the best-sellers characterized with shaped stems, alongside Angela, Claudia, Elisabeth, and Victoria.   New suites Attimo and Bella were prepared for 2016. Tumblers Kate and Grace extended the assortment of tumblers, supplementing also formerly introduced stemware suites. During autumn 2016, Crystalex launched a new modern line at the highest world level. Therefore, it released even four completely new sets at the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt:  Emma, Bravo, Jane, and Sophia, in February 2017.   In 2014, the HORECA programme was officially introduced – glass for hotels, restaurants, and catering -  that exploited some ideas and products prepared during the years 2007 - 2008. The most important are stemware suites: Siesta, Harmony, Rhapsody, Flamenco, Bolero, and tumblers Siesta, Blues, Swing, and Jive. There are also decanting carafes, jugs, vases, bowls, beer programme and special goblets in our production range.   DECORATING DEVELOPMENT Crystalex has been traditionally really powerful in the field of decorations compared to its competitors. It exploits a variety of traditional decorative techniques – painting, cutting, engraving, screen printing, sandblasting, spraying, decals, diamond engraving, and pantograph etching. After 1989, expensive painting was gradually reduced. This was caused by the boom of family refinement plants, rising prices and changing customer tastes. Of course, a great influence comes from the retail network. Most of us do not perceive it at all, but the change from common specialized stores to today’s dominance of business chains is absolutely crucial.   At present, customers prefer simpler decorations. That means mostly rims and spirals, but also easier high enamel and relief as for painting. There is a constant interest in machine techniques of pantograph etching (decorations realized in our plant Karolinka by Vsetín), and diamond engraving. The spray technology has seen an extreme progress, both handmade and machine-made, used on stemware, tumblers and vases. Sometimes, spraying is combined with rims, diamond engraving or panto-etching. So the decorations live and grow, just they change as time goes by, likewise customers, shops, and the whole world do.   Annually, Crystalex prepares dozens of new decors – either according to customer requirements or for its own collections. The most successful decorations have also special packaging and we call them decorating projects.  These are, for example, Rainbow, Gondola, Crazy, Neon, Love, Floral, Royal, Elements, or Spiral.   International Glass Symposium (IGS) The company Crystalex is the founder of symposiums; in 1982, it came up with the idea to enable a creative meeting of celebrities of Czech and world glass art – giving artists space to create unique artefacts. Since 1997, beside Crystalex other organizers have taken part, at first the company Ajeto and Glass school, later other companies joined. Since 2009, the town of Nový Bor has become the main organizer –with the support of the Liberec region. So far, the last IGS symposium took place in 2015. Yet 10 subject participated in it, and more than 60 artists from 23 countries in 4 continents took part in it: Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA, Japan, Brazil, Panama, South Korea, China, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Finland, France, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Slovenia, and Latvia. Crystalex provided its decorating works to the artists and to students of local schools, and also the final evening of the symposium took place in its premises. The next symposium is scheduled to take place in the autumn of 2018, again in a great style and large scale that is unparalleled in the world.    CRYSTALEX TODAY Nowadays, Crystalex CZ is the major producer of drinking glass in the Czech Republic, with a turnover of more than EUR 42 million and more than 800 employees. The basis of its production is now formed by automatic machine made stemware, tumblers, but also vases, bowls and decanting carafes. In addition to plain finish, it also offers a great amount of decorations – the most important of which are pantograph etching, diamond engraving, painting, spraying and screen printing. The company exports to more than 70 countries around the world – mostly under its trademarks "Bohemia Crystal" and "Bohemia Glass". Over the past 50 years, Crystalex has completely turned from traditional handmade production into machine production, but it has retained a great deal and potential of decorations. Let’s wish many happy returns in the years to come.   zjistit více Household Moscow 2017 Household Moscow 2017 23. 08. 2017     Crystalex, in cooperation with the Russian partner TH Bohemia, will attend the HOUSEHOLD Fair in Moscow on September 12th - 14th, 2017 with a collection of novelties and selected basic assortment.   zjistit více Ambiente 2017 - 28.2.2017 Ambiente 2017 - 28.2.2017 28. 02. 2017     10th - 14th February 2017 Crystalex participated at Ambiente fair in Frankfurt am Main. 142.000 visitors came to Frankfurt and met 4,454 exhibitors from 96 countries. 55 percent of the total were visitors from outside Germany. Ambiente was once again the world’s leading trade fair for the consumer goods industry. This year we presented our novelties from automatic production and decorations. Except the 4 new collections we introduced our new decorating projects, Horeca section, new and tradition decorations. Below you can see the photogallery from Ambiente fair 2017. zjistit více Crystalex at reception of Embassy in Berlin - 10.11.2016 Crystalex at reception of Embassy in Berlin - 10.11.2016 10. 11. 2016      zjistit více PREZIDENT of Czech Republic was in the factory Karolinka  - Second time in Crystalex PREZIDENT of Czech Republic was in the factory Karolinka - Second time in Crystalex 06. 10. 2016     On the 5th October 2016 the president of Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman visited factory Karolinka. He saw production, discussed with director of the factory, employees, etc. It was his second visit in Crystalex. zjistit více HOUSEHOLD Moscow 13. - 15.9.2016 HOUSEHOLD Moscow 13. - 15.9.2016 27. 09. 2016     Between 13th - 15th Sept 2016 Crystalex together with its Russian partner Bohemia Trading presented itself on the fair Household in Moscow. zjistit více New report IGS 2015, Novy Bor New report IGS 2015, Novy Bor 06. 06. 2016     Over 70 glass artists from around the world were received at this year's International Glass Symposium. The event takes place every three years in the North of Bohemia, in Nový Bor. Up to now, this 12th year has been the biggest of all that have taken place so far. The founder of the symposium is the company Crystalex. In 1982, this company brought in the idea to provide for a creative meeting of celebrities of Czech and international glass art. Such meeting aims to demonstrate and highlight the glass industry in its modern and creative form that can be successfully evaluated on foreign markets. This year, following designers exploited the background of Crystalex facilities: Antonie Jankovcová (CZE), Riikka Latva-Somppi (FIN), Jeff Zimmer (USA), Jenny Ritzenhoff (DE), and students of secondary glass schools. Besides the Czech and foreign participants, it was also possible to see the works of designers Vanda Mocová and Markéta Lukavcová, who belong to the Crystalex team. zjistit více Awards for the brand Crystalex Awards for the brand Crystalex 27. 05. 2016         zjistit více Ambiente 2016 Ambiente 2016 24. 02. 2016     Let us remind you the Ambiente 2016 fair at Frankfurt, held on 12-16.2.2016. Altogether, 137,000 buyers could see almost 5000 visitors! Crystalex stand was characterized by its lightness and clarity of design as in the previous year. We have already start preparing Ambiente 2017 which will be held on 10-14.2.2017 so we can again pleasantly surprise you.   zjistit více XII. International Glass Symposium XII. International Glass Symposium 10. 06. 2015     The International Glass Symposium, which has been an essential part of the past 30 years of Nový Bor history, is once again almost here. From 1st to 4th October 2015 the town will welcome about 70 participants. The preparation of the symposium has been going on for some time. Individual organizers are preparing the symposium alone at their own companies and meet regularly and privately with the team made up of J. Dvořák, A. Forgáčová, D. Sobotka, P. Ajšmanová and M. Hlaveš to exchange information. In April there was a meeting of the full organizing team. The four day symposium programme will look as usual. A special programme had been prepared for participants and guests of the symposium, for media and for public as well. We expect the Open Day to be the most interesting part for most since the organizing subjects will open their space to public and the showrooms will disclose its hidden glass beauty. The aim of the organizers is to prepare a symposium programme that will provide manifold experiences and entertainment to all guests no matter what their age, profession or social standing might be. It will not only show to the public the beauty of the glass craft and art, but will also present the town of Nový Bor as a pleasant and interesting place to visit. The International Glass Symposium bears a great potential to increase tourism and therefore we plan to promote the glassmaking but other touristic attractions as well. At the moment we are intensively preparing the advertising campaign and discussing promotion possibilities in the media. We can proudly say that we have registered quite a lot of interest already. The official symposium website will bring updated information on regular basis. The official town website will also inform about the course of events, and this year we newly introduce a Facebook website. zjistit více HouseHold Expo 2015, Moscow HouseHold Expo 2015, Moscow 09. 06. 2015     The company Crystalex CZ, one of the leading Czech manufacturers of household glass,  extended its unique range of products in 2015  again. Crystalex CZ will present a number of new collections and a wide range of decorations, including special decoration projects at the exhibition HouseHold Expo 2015 hold in Moscow from 15th to 17th September. We are looking forward to  see you at our booth S102. Web: zjistit více Ambiente 2015 Ambiente 2015 24. 02. 2015     Let us remind you the Ambiente 2015 fair at Frankfurt, held on 13-17.2.2015. Altogether, 135,000 buyers could see almost 5000 exhibitors! Crystalex stand was characterized by its lightness and clarity of design as in the previous year. Moreover, it has been extended for more presentation shelfs, which allowed us to introduce more products. We have already start preparing Ambiente 2016 which will be held on 12-16.2.2016 so we can again pleasantly surprise you.   NEW PRODUCT RANGE 2015 For upcoming year, massive enlargement of existing stemware assortment has been prepared. Our designers have made three completely unique new ranges. Let’s introduce those suites individually.   Just at the first look, you will surely be attracted by the line Grace that gives literally the royal impression. Due to its attractively shaped stem and quite atypically formed cup, this suite also gives a lot of possibilities for decorations, which emphasize the uniqueness of this fabulous line. The new Rebbeca suite has graceful, smooth touch. Its contours will befit every occasion; moreover, they offer room for a variety of modern and traditional decorations. The Kate suite catches the eye due to its open cup that smoothly turns to stem. This modern line exploits different heights of stems to achieve its elegance; it will be offered in 8 different sizes. Therefore, it is a really complex suite offering not only classic wine glasses but also goblets for water and beer, liqueur glasses, or recently very popular champagne saucers. The term gondola predominantly invokes traditional long boats that cruise waterways of the historic city of Venice in Italy and are very popular with tourists. In our case, we are not talking these famous vessels but the range of vases and bowls with crimped rims resembling the above-mentioned means of transport. This ripple ads dynamism; in conjunction with a variety of colours, an ideal decoration arises that fits to any home. A non-standard rim - Diagonal rim characterises also a new line of decanting carafes. Bevelled neck brings a breath of fresh air to the assortment line, together with serviceability increasing when pouring out your favourite wine.       CATERING ARTICLES - HORECA Besides the articles above, also the offer of special assortment for hotels and restaurants forms a part of our product range; this assortment is relatively new for Crystalex, nevertheless, it expands really dynamically. For this year we launch new suite Soul with new range of decanters with diagonal rim.   INNOVATIONS IN DECORATIONS In the long run, Crystalex is successful not only in the field of plain assortment, but also in the decorative business. Therefore, it is no surprise that dozens of new decorations have been prepared for 2015.  Like in other fields, also tableware must follow current trends. And that’s doubly true as concerned the decorated glass. For the upcoming year, we have again made a variety of decorations; let’s introduce here the most interesting ones. Nowadays, it is very modern and trendy to use noticeable, sometimes yet striking colours. One of the popular colour types are so called neon colours. Combination of such colours and carefully selected stemware and tumblers has brought the decoration project neON into being. The peculiar feature of this design is using four neon colours in different variations on the aforementioned articles. Some wonderful combinations were brought into existence, which surely attract even the eye of customers of more conservative feeling. The newcomer Ellipse is exceptional in its execution. Those are ellipses on stemware and tumblers created with diamond engraving technology, which are additionally filled with colour to be highlighted. This technological procedure is highly demanding in accomplishment, but its results gave rise to a very specific modern decor. Ellipse is part of the increasingly popular family of decorating projects; it means that also these articles will be packaged in a beautiful gift box with a motif of the decor on it. The decorative techniques offer is really wide: panto etching (150 years old etching technique now experiencing resurgence), engraving technologies (performed by modern instruments), painting, screen printing, decals, sand blasting, spraying... And, of course, also different combinations of these techniques. An integral part of this year’s product range forms also enlargement of pantograph etching decorations in connection with cutting. This combination gives rise to exclusive decors those rank, due to their nobleness, to the most upscale articles offered by Crystalex. In addition to decorated stemware, also lines of decorated vases are launched that traditionally form an important part of Crystalex production. Therefore, some decors have the opportunity to be presented on a wide diversity of forms – on stemware pieces, tumblers, and vases, which is naturally really impressive. zjistit více Visit of president of the Czech Republic Visit of president of the Czech Republic 12. 06. 2014         zjistit více Meet Czech Design - 13-15.6.2014 Meet Czech Design - 13-15.6.2014 03. 06. 2014     More info at zjistit více Ambiente 2014 Ambiente 2014 21. 02. 2014     Let us remind you the Ambiente 2014 fair at Frankfurt, held on 7-11.2. 2014.   Ambiente 2014 became the most successful exhibition for the last ten years. Altogether, 144,000 buyers from 161 countries could see almost  5000 exhibitors! Ambiente exhibition becomes even more important event than ever before. We have already start preparing Ambiente 2015 which will be held on 13-17.2.2015 so we can again pleasantly surprise you.   Crystalex stand was characterized by its lightness and clarity of design as in the previous year. Moreover, it has been extended for more presentation shelfs, which allowed us to introduce more products . This time the main motive of our stand became the new Waterfall series, which is characterized by an optical element formed on stemware, tumblers, carafes or vases. We must not forget the very successful celebration devoted to the anniversary of 40 years of the production of Claudia! zjistit více Exposition Ambiente 2013  |  15. - 19.2.2013 Exposition Ambiente 2013 | 15. - 19.2.2013 24. 01. 2013     Traditionally, Crystalex takes part in the Ambiente Fair, which is held annually in Frankfurt am Main in February. The fair itself ranks among the largest events of its kind in Europe. Each year, more than 4500 exhibitors partake in it and more than 140 000 visitors come to see it. The exhibitors belong to three sections: Dining – all that concerns kitchen, table, and dining is located in this part.Living – this sector shows new trends in decorations, both the inner and outer ones.Giving - gift articles of all kind, jewels, or various adorning items can be seen in this part. The company Crystalex succeeded to obtain larger space that totals more than 230 sq.m., for this year. We have prepared some substantial novelties for our customers and visitors in this year. This year, we put great emphasis on vases and decanting carafes that will be presented in various decorations in our stand.Also, we have prepared 2 new stemware suites and 1 special set that will be uncovered to public just at the fair. Do not hesitate and come to visit our stand No J81, hall 4.2! We look forward to you Crystalex zjistit více 11th International Glass Symposium (IGS) 11th International Glass Symposium (IGS) 11. 10. 2012     Novy Bor in recent days become a world center for glass arts and crafts.International Glass Symposium (IGS), which was held here from 4 to 7 October, visited by hundreds of visitors from the Czech Republic and abroad.This year's IGS was in his early ambition of the organizers of the meeting to be not only glass professionals, but also take the general public. His goal was to prove that the phenomenon of Czech glass is still alive. Visitors should thus symposium on Saturday 6th October opportunity in metallurgy and organizing workshops and partner organizations regarding the creation of seventy glass artists and craftsmen. "It is estimated to have reached such operations Crystalex around two and a half thousand visitors, the general partner of the symposium, enterprisePreciosa Lustry in Kamenicky Senov, also welcomed over two thousand people, which shows that people are interested in Czech glass, they likes him and he means him, "said Jaromir Dvorak, Mayor of Nový Bor and Head of this IGS. He also stressed that local residents perceive the glass and its production as a treasure of the region. zjistit více Opening of the new company store in Novy Bor Opening of the new company store in Novy Bor 10. 10. 2012     On October 1, 2012 was inaugurated the newly renovated factory outlet store Crystalex CZ, s.r.o. in Novy Bor.The sales area of approximately 260 square meters you will find the whole range of cross-products company Crystalex CZ, especially plain or decorated cups and tumblers, then walled carafes, decanters, jugs, bottles and vases of various sizes and shapes, additionally, goods made of lead crystal or porcelain.Part of the offered range is the section sale items at very reasonable prices. We look forward to your visit! zjistit více

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