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Here we would like to introduce the second part of drinking glasses - tumblers.


The most popular collections of tumblers are:

   Barline       ideal       club        gina   
Barline Ideal Club Gina

Except the classical tumblers we have also stemless tumblers such are: 

   Amoroso       Sandra   
Amoroso Sandra


Types of tumblers


The outstanding feature of these glasses is their form; each glass consists from one piece only. Its bottom end, where a greater amount of glass material is situated, is called “ice”. This part is to slow down warming of the drink. The employment of tumblers is also really versatile. This type of glasses is used for serving soft drinks, beers, and, last but not least, whisky and related beverages.

We often talk about tumblers HB (high ball) and OF (old fashion). HB is tall tumbler. OF is low tumblers. By name is intended for whisky but also for water and non alcohilic drinks. There are also tumblers for liquers, vodka, etc.

Barline Barline
Ideal Ideal
Club Club
Gina Gina
Amoroso Amoroso
Sandra Sandra

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