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NEW unique test on TV Nova



In September 2017 during unique test Crystalex CZ proved, how many kilograms can „the ordinary tumbler“ Barline 410 withstand.

We had decided to create three reports. Firstly we placed 1.6-ton passenger car on four tumblers. And the tumblers resisted it without problems. Then we placed on four tumblers a shipping container weighing 2.2 tons, with even 69 persons entering it comfortably; the tumblers survived it, bearing totally more than 7 tons.  

And what bigger, or, better to say, more attractive could we place on tumblers? Perhaps a plane?

Unlike providing a passenger car or a shipping container, getting the airplane, of course, was more complicated. However, we succeeded and the trial could continue, this time at the Prague Aviation Museum in Prague - Kbely, where they lent us the strike aircraft L159_ALCA for our test. Three tumblers held the plane! You can watch a whole report on in a movie above.

At the end, we would like to thank not only all our employees who took part in these tests, but also to: TV Nova team, Prague Aviation Museum Kbely, car dealer – the company SAN PLUS, Česká Lípa, and the laboratory IKATES, branch office Teplice.

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